10th Bihar Board Social History NCERT Objective Questions

social science exam for 100 points (20-point practice exam + 40-point multiple-choice questions + 40-point descriptive questions). Students can get the format of exam questions and difficulty questions with the 2019 BSEB 10th Paper Science Model Paper. Questions are asked in Hindi and English. Students can provide answers in any language they choose.

Most of the students want the tenth social science history objective answer on the Bihar board after taking the exam. Any student who wants to calculate a score for the Bihar Board 10th Social Science Exam can use this BSEB 10th Social Science Answers to score all 40 objective answer questions for a set of A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J.

In the test, a total of 10 questions assigned Set A to Set J. Among all the question sets, the questions are the same, but with different question numbers. This year’s Matrix Board exam students will also receive pre-printed individual student details. Students are asked to give and sign the 2019 OMR sheet question numbers and the 2019 answer sheet and question numbers, then write down the answer and color the circle on the objective questions.

History of the tenth grade social science objective for the Bihar board of directors

1 – Who are the so-called architects of the German Union?

Otto von Bismarck

The correct answers are Otto von Bismarck.

2: Which of the following means a “German” image

Folded and cultural traditions
Authority and asceticism
Vengeance and retribution
Heroism and justice

3: When did the Greek fight for independence start?


Ans: 1821.

4: What does the crown of the oak leaves symbolize?


Answer : Heroism

5: Which phrase best describes utopian society?

A society where everyone is equal
Society with a comprehensive constitution
An idealist society that could never be reached
Democratic society

Ans: An unattainable idealist society

6: Which of the following treaties recognizes Greece as an independent state?

Vienna treaty
Versailles Treaty
Lausanne treaty
Constantinople treaty

Ans: Treaty Constantinople

7: Romance refers to which moves

Political movement
Religious movement
Cultural movement
Literary movement

Ans: cultural movement

8: Who founded the Young Italian secret society?

Johann Gottfried Herder
Otto von Bismarck

Ans: Giuseppe Mazzini

9: Prior to the revolution in France in 1789 one of the following forms of government worked there

French citizen body

Ans: Monarchy

10: The house of the Italian princes who governed the following countries before the unification of Italy

Kingdom of the two Sicilies

Ans: Sardinia-Piedmont

11. Ernst Renan believes that the existence of a nation is a necessity because

Provide protection for all residents.
Guarantee the freedom of all citizens.
give its citizens a parliamentary form of government.
Provide employment and good health for all residents.

Ans: Guarantee the freedom of all citizens

12. Which of the following countries did not participate in the Vienna Congress?

Great Britain

Ans: Switzerland

13. The French revolutionaries declared that their mission and destiny were the French

To conquer the Europeans.
To free the Europeans from despotism.
Strengthening absolute monarchies in all European countries.
Spread the ideals of freedom, equality and brotherhood in all parts of the world.

Ans: To free the Europeans from despotism

14. To which territories the Napoleonic Code is exported?

Territories under French control
Ans: Territories under French control

15. What happened to Poland in the late 18th century? Which of the following is correct?

Poland gained independence in the late 18th century.
Poland is completely under Russian control and becomes part of Russia.
Poland becomes part of the GDR.
Poland was divided by three major powers at the end of the 18th century: Russia, Prussia and Austria.

Ans: Poland was divided by three major powers at the end of the 18th century: Russia, Prussia and Austria.


We hope that social science questions in grade 10 multiple choice questions will provide answers. If you have any questions about CBSE Class 10 The History of Social Sciences multiple choice questions with answers ask your teacher.

In social studies most of the students have doubt mostly in history. As it is one of the toughest, most of the students need some important questions.

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