10th Class Social Studies Telugu Medium

Many people think that the subject of social studies is very boring but,if we understand the concept, it’s very interesting and easy. So everyone should first understand the concept. 10th social studies syllabus is divided into two parts Geography and History. It consists of a total of 21 subjects.

Part 1 is totally consisting of Resources development and equity and part 2 is totally consisting of Contemporary world and India. Social studies is a branch of study which deals with human beings. Social studies is incorporated through subjects like; History,geography,political,economical etc. By learning this subject it develops the higher order thinking abilities and skills like; Comprehension,application,analysis etc.

Social studies syllabus

Part 1: Resources development and equity

  1. India: relief features
  2. Ideas of development
  3. Production of development
  4. Climate of india
  5. Indian rivers and water resources
  6. India-population
  7. Settlements-migrations
  8. Rampur: A village economy
  9. Globalisation
  10. Food security
  11. Sustainable development with equity

Part 2: Contemporary world and india

  1. World between world wars
  2. National liberation movements in the colonies
  3. National movement in india-partition & independence :1939-1947
  4. The making of independent india’s constitution
  5. Election process in india
  6. Independent india (The first 30 years-1947-77)
  7. Emerging political trends 1977 to 2000
  8. Post-war world and india
  9. Social movements in our times
  10. The movements for the formation of telangana state


These are the syllabus in 10th standard of social studies. Students require knowledge about history,politics,economics etc. Which helps them in their future and also in higher studies. 10th standard social studies subject is a good subject to gain knowledge. Social studies is the best subject to learn about history,geography,politics etc. It’s not a boring subject actually a very interesting and easy subject.

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