12th Class NCERT Science, Arts and Commerce Syllabus

  1. Do you know what is meant by science/arts and commerce?
  2. What are the syllabus they have in class 12?

Class 12 science, arts, and commerce subjects have a very significant feature. Many of them know about science and commerce but mostly no one will have any idea about arts only very few know about arts. Arts is a very important and interesting subject. It includes finance in it. Science is related to doctors, commerce is related to banks and arts is related to finance. 12th class science, arts, and commerce subjects are very important. It helps us in our higher studies. 12th class teaches us the basics which helps us in our higher studies a lot. It is very essential for everyone. So now here we are going to discuss the syllabus of science, arts, and commerce of class 12 ncert syllabus.

Science Syllabus

  1. Reproduction in organisms
  2. Sexual reproduction in flowering plants
  3. Human reproduction
  4. Reproductive health
  5. Principles of inheritance and variation
  6. Molecular basis of inheritance
  7. Evolution
  8. Human health and disease
  9. Strategies for enhancement in food production
  10. Microbes in human welfare
  11. Biotechnology-principles and process
  12. Biotechnology and its application
  13. Organisms and its population
  14. Ecosystem
  15. Biodiversity and its conservations
  16. Environmental issues

Physics Syllabus

  1. Electric charges and fields
  2. Electrostatic potential and capacitance
  3. Current electricity
  4. Moving charges and magnetism
  5. Magnetism and matter
  6. Electromagnetism and induction
  7. Alternating current
  8. Electromagnetic waves
  9. Ray optics and optical instruments
  10. Wave optics
  11. Dual nature of radiation and matter
  12. Atoms
  13. Nuclei
  14. Semiconductor electronic materials, devices and simple circuits
  15. Communication system

Chemistry Syllabus

  1. Solid state
  2. Electrochemistry
  3. Chemical kinetics
  4. Surface chemistry
  5. General principles and processes of isolation of elements
  6. P-block elements
  7. D-block elements
  8. Coordination of compounds
  9. Haloalkanes and haloarenes
  10. Alcholes, phenols and ethers
  11. Aldehydes, ketenes and carboxylic acids
  12. Organic compounds containing nitrogen
  13. Biomolecules
  14. Polymers
  15. Chemistry in everyday life

Arts Syllabus

  1. The rajasthani and pahari schools of miniature painting
  2. The mughal and deccan schools of miniature painting
  3. The bengal school painting and the indian national flag
  4. The modern trends in indian art
  5. Nature and object study
  6. Painting composition
  7. Portfolio assessment

Commerce Syllabus

  1. Nature and significance of management
  2. Principles of management
  3. Business environment
  4. Planning
  5. Organizing
  6. Staffing
  7. Directing
  8. Controlling
  9. Financial management
  10. Financial market
  11. Marketing management
  12. Consumer protection

These are the class 12th ncert science, commerce and arts syllabus. Which is very important in higher studies. By learning these we can gain knowledge it is very important to learn. These subjects are interesting. By learning them we can get a lot of information.

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