5th Class EVS Telugu Medium Part 3

In class 5th EVS Textbook helps students to learn about the environment. The main topics covered by this subject in class 5th are included in this article. Students can get a good foundation in the subject by learning from the EVS textbook

Chapters from the part 3 are

  1. Forests-Tribes
  2. Rivers-Livelihood
  3. Atmosphere- Wind
  4. Sun and Planets
  5. Safety Measures
  6. Historical Sites- Chandragiri Fort
  7. Energy
  8. Our Country-World
  9. Preamble of the Indian Constitution
  10. Child Rights


So in early childhood EVS is vitally important for young children’s present and future educational success.Virtually all young children have the capability to learn and become competent in EVS, and the Students can do projects from the textbooks.They can prepare for the exams.

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