8th Class Maths Factorization Problems

What is Factorization?
Why do we use it?
What are the uses of doing factorization?

Factorization is a build block for everything in our lives. Factors of a number are numbers that evenly into another number is known as factorization. It writes a number as the product of smaller numbers. Another way to use this factorization is to find the least common multiple and greatest common factor and it helps to perform arithmetic operations also.

Here we are going to explain Factorization chapter exercise 12.2 1st problem(8)
Exercise 12.2
Problem: l4+4l²m²+4m4?
Solution: a²+2ab+b²
=( l²)²+2x l²x2m²+(2 m²)²
=( l²+2m²)
=( l²+2m²)( l²+2m²)
Therefore: l4+4l²m²+4m4=( l²+2m²)( l²+2 m²)

Here,I give you some questions and try to solve them with very easy methods.

  1. A²+10a+25
  2. L²-16l+64
  3. 36 x²+96 xy+64+y²
  4. 25x²+9y²-30xy
  5. 25m²-40mn+16n²
  6. 81x²-198xy+12ly²
  7. (x+y)²-4xy

Table of Contents


  1. a²+5a+5a+25
    (a+5) (a+5)
  2. l²- 8l- 8l+64
    l(l-8)- 8 (l-8)
    (l-8) (l-8)
  3. (6x)²+2X6xX8y+(8y)²
  4. 25x²-30xy+9y²
  5. (5m)²-2X5mX4n+(4n)²
  6. (9x)²-2X9xX11y+(11y)
  7. x²+y²+2xy-4xy
    x²+ y²-2xy


The chapter of factorization is important. So we have given some of the questions and answers which are a very easy method to solve them and try to solve these problems. Factorization chapter is very important and useful for higher studies.

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