AP Board Class 8th Chapter 4 Exponents and power exercise explanation and solution

Chapter 4 Exponents and power explanation in Telugu

Any number that is multiplied several times can be represented as the power of that number. Doing so will lessen the time and effort of calculating such large numbers. The degree of the number is called the exponents. If two numbers having the same base and different powers are multiplied, then the result will have the same base but the powers are added. Students can learn all the tips and shortcut techniques to solve Exercise 4.1 question 4 by referring short explanation videos on OnlineBadi.com. You can learn AP Board Class 8th Chapter 4 Exponents and power exercise explanation and solution.

Exponents and powers Exercise 4.1 Question 4 solution

Exercise 4.1 has questions in which students need to perform basic operations like addition, subtraction, and multiplication of exponents and powers. There are some formulas in which the students need to understand before solving this exercise. For a complete solution and understanding of exercise 4.1 in Telugu, students can refer to Onlinebadi.com.

Class 8th chapter 4 exercise solution in Telugu free download

Onlinebadi.com has always brought accurate study material in various languages and mediums for students so that they can get a better understanding of the concept. Concept building has been the main motto of Onlinebadi.com.The instructor explains each question and the solution in both English and Telugu language. he has also solved each question on the board, in case of doubt or any problem students can pause the video and revisit the steps followed for proper clarification. All the important formulas required are explained before the start of the solution.

All the steps are explained in simple language and easy approach so that students don’t get confused in solving them in their school assessment. Students can also brush up their knowledge by watching the explanation. This will help you in solving your assignment given at the school and also prepare for the examination.

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