Baby Song Chinnu Telugu Rhymes for kids

Are you having a child ? Your child wants to learn telugu rhymes. Rhymes well help you grow your child knowledge it is starting stage of learn of child

What rhymes?

Rhyme When the end parts of two words are identical or almost identical. In poetry, the rhyme scheme refers to the process of rhyming words at the end of poetic lines.
Examples of Rhyme: ayyo papa edusthundi , aei papa ma inti pakkana…

When your child understand rhymes

Child typically develop rhyming skills at the age of 3 .And at the age 4 child can recognize words that rhymes

How you can help your child with rhymes at home

Practicing at home can help your child move forward with rhyme. Here are some quick and fun things you can do when you feel comfortable:

  • Read nursery rhyme (or rhyme story).
  • Sing rhyming songs or suggest rhymes in your favorite songs.
  • Play rhyme games and other word games. For example, have your child come up with rhyming words or words that start with a single sound.

Play Rhyming Games

Once your child is able to back up rhyming words on a daily basis in his or her favorite rhyme books, start playing rhyme games with her where you and she can think of rhyming words. For example, ask her to think of a word that rhymes with the word you say. Start with words she already knows from her rhyme books without actually using the book during this activity.

Once your child is able to recognize and say rhyming words from her books without using books, it is time to start introducing new words for her rhyme by creating new rhymes.

Tell her that you are going to say a word, and that you want to think of words that are rhyming or similar.


Rhymes is a starting stage of learning for kids. It helps them know the language of their own mother tongue language .There are many rhymes for example: jani jani in english,chitti chilakamma in telugu.

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