Best Books for 10th & 12th Board Exam NCERT Books

This article is not for all only for 10th and 12th class students. So many students are suffering to get 99% marks in board exams, and exam tips for icse cbse state board.

Many students confess which types of books to purchase for the board exam. So most of the students do not study ncert books. Will depend upon authorised books. Like maths r.d sharma. Studying authorised books from starting students know basic points. To score good marks studying ncert books is helpful to you.

About ncert book: The National Council of Educational Research.These books were created in 2007 and require a lot of information. The updated ncert said it was ready to supply books to all cbse schools and that the shortage of books was artificially created. So coming to point ncert books are very important for the students 10th and 12th class. Students studying an ncert book will score good marks in your board exam. Ncert is the main source of board exam question papers.

CBSE state Board icse exam tips:

  • First read the question paper properly: Read and understand your paper well first. When writing answers, you first need to understand what you are asking and how many marks there are in it. The answer should be written accordingly- logically and comprehensively.
  • Maintain a proper time table: Go to bed early, get up early, take a proper breakfast, and then study. Don’t be late and try not to worry about counterproductive moments, you’ve got it – prepare for the important day. Allocate an hour or two to rest without thinking about exams. Read, sleep, play or do what you think will distract you from the exams.
  • Solve the sample question papers : It is often said that there is no better practice than match practice. Solve a CBSE sample questionnaire every day from 10 am to 1 pm in an environment close to what you expect at your test center. Once you have resolved the paper, remind yourself. Choose a different subject every five / six days. Assess yourself at the end of the week, look at your weak areas and try to correct them in the following weeks. When resolving sample documents, make a point of resolving the ones provided by CBSE. Documents provided by CBSE are documents that are close to the actual content available to you.
  • Develop a strategy to find out the long answers for the board test: The fear is most evident when students learn long answers that overwhelming heavy text is not an easy task. So, to overcome the fear of learning long answers, students need to devise a strategy for long answers such as breaking them down into paragraphs, writing on paper and relating them to real life situations.
  • Keep focus on concepts: You can go to some coaching institutes or prefer home tuition where your teacher will ask you to follow some learning technique, instead we suggest you focus on understanding the topics in each subject from your ensemble books for better preparation for your CBS Class 10 are 12 Bors test. When you understand a concept from your ncert textbook, you should remember it over time. If you do not know the answer you can check out the Ncert solution for 10th grade while exercise. But if you do not memorize and fully understand the concept you will get in trouble while trying to answer any tricky question related to that topic in the textbook and insert solution
  • Good motivation: I know many of you are looking for inspiration through speeches and quotes online. Searching for it will not help as you are likely to lose that kind of motivation soon. Know that your motivation is in you, because the motivation of another is not yours.
  • Practice speed handwriting: In exams you should complete your exam in such a given period of time. Mountain good handwriting for better marks.
  • Don’t wander out of syllabus: It is good to study reference books to enhance your knowledge, but your only goal when approaching board exams and to score as high as you can on exams is to strictly follow the books listed in your syllabus.

Conclusion: Students preferred to ncert books for board exam because ncert is the main source of board exam question papers.And follow the all tips so that u can get good marks in your exams.For more better tips ask your teacher and prepare will for exams

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