Biology Goal = 99 Marks CBSE Class 12 Biology  5 Days Strategy 12 Most Precious Questions With Solutions


In this section, we are going to know about the CBSE class 12 biology,5 days strategy and its 12 most important questions with solutions of 2020.

Without wasting time, let’s start.

Don’t get scared by looking at many questions. Because the advantage is there are many repeated questions and diagrams and it looks lengthy.


Total 70 marks paper. And there are 27 questions in total.
There are 5 one mark questions.
There are 7 two marks questions.
There are 12 three marks questions.
There are 3 five marks questions.


1. Diagrams
2. Ncert
3. Revise as many times as possible.
4. Underline the important points.
5. Diagram labelling


1. Read the NCERT and practise important diagrams.
2. Trace the important points and underline them.
3. Refer the important questions.
4. Revise them properly.
So there are 5 units and 16 chapters. we can’t risk and mug up all of them. Let’s focus on some important chapters which help us in gaining good marks.


Here are some important chapters and their expected marks based on previous exams.

1. Reproduction:14/15 marks.
2. Genetics and evolution:17/18 marks.
3. Biology in human welfare:14/15 marks.
4. Biotechnology process and its application:10marks
5. Ecology and ecosystem:10marks

So these are the main important chapters which we have to focus on.
First, read reproduction and biology in human welfare because they are easy chapters and it takes little time. Then focus on the remaining chapters.


Here are some important questions for 1 mark.

1. Offsprings produced by asexual reproduction are called clones.why?
A. Because offsprings produced by asexual reproduction are morphologically and genetically identical to the they are called clones.

2. Name the most invasive aquatic plant weed which is called terror of Bengal?
A. water hyacinth(Eichornia).

3. Which of the characteristic properties of Bryophyllum is exploited by gardeners and farmers?
A. Adventitious bud arising from the margin of the leaf.

4. What represents the life span of an organism?
A. The period from birth to the natural death of the organism is termed as the life span of an organism.

5. Give the term for rapid population growth?
A. Population explosion.

6. Name the fluid from which foetal cells are extracted for chromosomal analysis?
A. Amniotic fluid.

7. Give the technical name of a female used to bring up in vitro fertilised eggs to maturity?
A. Surrogate mother.

8. Name the oral contraceptive developed by CDRI, Lucknow?
A. Saheli.

9. Expand MTP?
A. Medical termination of pregnancy.

10. Expand ICSI?
A. Intracytoplasmic sperm injection.

11. Name two vestigial organs found in the body?
A. Nails and hair.

12. What is the cause of a speciation according to the Hugo de Vries?
A. Mutations.


We request everyone to follow these things and be prepared. Check everything which i mentioned.and focus on important chapters. Don’t waste your time by reading all the chapters which are given in the textbook because there are only 5 days left.

I hope everyone will do their best on the exam. Just be relaxed and don’t get tense and be confident.

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