10th Class Physics

Physics is the branch of science, which is concerned with the characteristics and interactions of time, space, energy and matter. Physics is often referred to as the study of everything under the sun. The whole functioning of the world the way we see it is dependent on physics. The study of heat, light, electricity, sound, mechanics, magnetism, and the structure of atoms falls under the subject physics. Physics can be divided into various branches, and in today’s time, each branch has acquired the status of a full subject.

Students are advised to meticulously go through Physics class 10 syllabus before starting their studies as the syllabus is prepared in a well-structured manner by a panel of experts. Syllabus help students to form an effective study plan. And, physics class 10 previous year question papers are also prepared to help students in their preparation. After completing the entire physics syllabus, students should practice these previous year papers for self-evaluation and can get to improve their weak areas.