CBSE Class 10th Maths Chapter 3 Linear equation in two variable

Chapter 3 Linear equation in two variable

The linear equation in two variables is a degree one equation. A linear equation can have infinitely many solutions. It is in the form of bx+cy=d where b and c are non zero terms. To plot points on the graph where b is multiplied to x -coordinate and c is multiplied to y coordinate. A system of the equation can be solved using 3 methods. They are substitution, elimination, and cross multiplication method.

NCERT Chapter 3 Exercise 3.6 solution

In exercise 3.6 students need to solve a pair of the equation by reducing them into a linear equation. Solving the equation is not the problem but reducing them into a correct one is. If the correct approach is not taken, solving them becomes a big problem. Our instructor at has explained the correct and accurate way to reduce them. Students won’t face any difficulty in following them.

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