CBSE Class 6 Maths Chapter 12 Ratio and Proportion solution

Ratio and proportion explanation

Chapter 12 mathematics NCERT deals with ratio, proportion, and unitary method. Ratio and proportion are used measuring quantities. It is one of the methods compare two given quantities. The ratio of two quantities can only be determined if their units are the same. Many students get confused between fractions and ratios. In proportion, two ratios are equivalent. In the unitary method, the value of a single commodity is evaluated first and then the value of multiple commodities of the same kind is calculated.

Chapter 12 Exercise 12.1 explanation and solution

Exercise 12.1 deals with basic problems of ratio and proportion. Students need to find out the ratios in the given question. They can find an easy explanation and solution of exercise 12.1 at The experts have designed the video keeping ease and comfort of students in mind. All the steps used in solving questions are explained by the instructor in detail.

6th class Mathematics chapter Ratio and proportion exercise solution free pdf download is the one-stop destination for all the course material for all classes. Ratio and proportion are some of the important chapters and have a wide application in the real-life also. Students should have a clear knowledge of these concepts so that they can handle complex questions in the exams. The video will help students in solving the exercise questions of the Ratio and proportion given in the NCERT textbook. Students can also download these videos and can access them at a time suitable to them.

All the solutions are explained in simple methods so that students don’t find any difficulty in understanding them. We at has always focused on concepts. If the concept is clear students would not have any difficulty in solving them in the examination. Students can learn and understand all the concepts and methods by referring to the videos at You can also refer these videos for a quick re-evaluation of your knowledge before the exam.

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