CBSE Class 9 Chapter 4 Linear Equations in Two Variables explanation

NCERT Linear Equations in Two Variables explanation

Linear equation in two variables is an equation which has two variables in it. It will be in the format of cx + dy = e, where c and d are the coefficients of x and y and e is the constant. Under no circumstance, c and d will be 0.

Equations with two variables

In class 8th you have studied how to solve linear equations that have one variable. In class 9th you just have an advanced version of what you had in class 8th.In class 9th you will be studying how to solve them and plot points on the graph using the equation given to you. Students can understand this chapter with the help of a simple and short video explanation of Chapter 4 Linear equation in 2 variables. Our experts at has explained how to solve linear equation in two variable using substitution and the elimination method in a very elaborate format.

CBSE/NCERT for class 9th mathematics 4th chapter Linear equation in two variable pdf

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These explanations will help you in acquiring all the concepts and methods given in The NCERT book as these videos are designed according to the guidelines issued by the CBSE. These videos will also help you in revising all the topics before your annual exams. After understanding the chapter, students can also practice the worksheet on Linear Equation on two variables available at This will ensure that you have a crystal clear knowledge of all important subject matter.

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