CBSE & NCERT Class 5 Math Decimals explanation

Grade 5 Decimals worksheet solution

A decimal number, in algebra, can be characterized as a number whose entire number part and the fragmentary part is isolated by a decimal point. The spot in a decimal number is known as a decimal point. The number before the decimal is known as the whole number and the number after the decimal is known as the decimal part.

The video also provides a worksheet that students can practice after watching the video. These videos are designed by instructors who are excellent in their fields. This will help them in reviewing all the concepts of decimal numbers. The questions include converting fractions into decimals, changing over decimals to parts in its most reduced terms, changing unlike decimals into like decimals and so on which will assist students in practicing questions relating to decimals.

Grade 5 Decimals lessons free pdf download

Our also has the complete solution of all the exercises given in the NCERT textbook. We also provide detailed information on all the topics in the Decimals chapter. The instructor explains recurring and non-recurring decimals with very simple and easy explanations so that students don’t face any problems in solving the questions. The illustrations used in the video will help students easily convert unlike fractions to like fractions.

It becomes very easy for students to add or subtract decimals if it is in the form of like decimals. Students can refer to these for solving exercise and also for completing their homework. This will also help in preparing for examinations. You can moreover share worksheet of Decimals with your companions and classmates so that they can equally be benefitted from it. You will find comprehensive solutions to all the questions given in the NCERT textbook for grade 5 on

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