Chapter 1 Knowing Our Number

Class 6th NCERT Maths

NCERT Chapter 1 Exercise 1.2

You can find a solution to Exercise 1.2 of Knowing our number on this website. The chapter name is self-explanatory, This chapter will deal with operations on numbers such as addition, subtraction, multiplication as well as division. It will also help you out in comparing numbers that maybe 2 digit or 3 digits or both. This explains the concept of place value as well. This video contains the solution of all the questions in question number 1 of exercise 1.2. This video will help you in solving all your assignments related to Knowing Our Numbers chapter and also in your self -study. The solutions shown in the video is very easy and simple to understand. It also explains to the students how to approach such questions.

Exercise -1.2 solutions easy pdf download

You can find the solution on our website. Before approaching the exercise one should always solve examples first and while solving the exercise you can refer to this video provided at the Onlinebadi website. Students can download all the parts in PDF format without any cost. They can also share this with your friends and they can refer them while solving their homework as well during examinations. We often come across students that they are unable to follow with the teachers in the classroom In that case students can refer these videos at any time and any place. The video explains all the concepts so efficiently that you can score well in exams without any extra effort.

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