NCERT chapter 1 physics Physical world

Physics is a fundamental concept of the Universe. This chapter will help students in giving an insight into the common wonders that have happened and are happening in our universe in a language we all are familiar with, Hindi. Sometimes students find it difficult to understand complex Physics chapters in English, for their convenience the video explains all the concepts of the Physical world chapter in Hindi.

The Physical world part 1 NCERT explanation for class 11 will assist students with getting acquainted with the chapter. Before the exam students can go through this explanation for revision. These videos are prepared by experts who are best in their domain. It’s hard for some students to comprehend the physics chapter. However, we give NCERT explanation for the Physical World chapter in Hindi with the goal that you develop concepts, and also you can get ready for your test.

Physical World explanation in Hindi Part 1 pdf download

The video covers a variety of topics like the quantities having physical nature for example length, mass, time energy, etc. This chapter forms the basis for the physical world.a The video explains all the macroscopic world like galaxies and the universe as well as the microscopic world like the nucleus of an atom, protons, neutrons, etc in a very interesting and creative way.

For exam preparation, students can go through the video and solve all the exercises from the book to score well marks. Students can find an explanation of other parts of this chapter on our website Students can go through our website to see all the amazing explanation of physics class 11. Students can download the video from our website and can share with your classmate with no surplus cost. aims to bring fun and interactive explanation for all students.

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