Class 10 NCERT Chapter 11 Construction exercises

Exercise 1.1 question 1 solution

The construction chapter of class 10 deals with the construction of line segments, triangles, and circles. It is an extended part of the geometry where new shapes can be fabricated. In Question 1 student needs to draw a line segment of 7.6 cm length and divide it in the ratio 5:8. Measure the two parts.

An elaborate and step-by-step solution of all the exercise question of NCERT Chapter 11 Construction is available at All the steps of constructions are explained in an exhaustive manner by the instructor. Students can also note down these steps for their convenience. It is always good if students write down the steps of construction in the exam as it will become easier for the teachers to correct the answer script.

10th class Constructions exercise solution free download

In exercise 10.1 question 1, we will be drawing a line segment and then bisect it in the ratio 5:8. It is an easy question only if students get the correct method to solve it. Students usually are not confident in solving questions of construction as they are worried about the accuracy. The video will also tell you the steps which you can follow to maintain the accuracy of the figure drawn. It will help students in getting acquainted with the type of question they will get in the school and board level exams.

After going through the video students will not feel the need for memorizing the steps as each step of construction shown in it are very simple to comprehend. They can also download and refer them to the solution during their exam preparation as this will be an excellent study material of Chapter 11 Construction to revise from. It will give you a brief summary of all the concepts needed to solve the question at hand.

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