Class 10 Sparsh कबीर दास साखी व्याख्या

Sakhi chapter explanation in Hindi

Kabir Das was a great saint of India and his teaching become popular during the Bhakti movement. The couplet also known as dohas consists of spiritual teaching for human beings. Kabir das usually wrote 2 lines couplet. Although these couplets were concise, it had great meaning inside it. The language used by Kabir Das is Sadhukdi.

साखी chapter consists of 7 dohas that are extremely useful in our day to day life. The first doha explains the importance of being humble. He insists everyone to use sweet languages while talking to others and to let go of the ego that is inside them. The video explains each dohas in Hindi and English so that students don’t face problems while answering questions in board examinations. It also contains all the important questions which might come in the exam. The instructor has used interesting illustrations to explain the meaning of all the dohas.

CBSE/NCERT साखी explanation for class 10th pdf download

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