Class 11th Topic Functions in Telugu and English

Chapter 2 Functions of class 11

Functions are the second chapter of class 11. In this chapter, students will learn about sets and their cartesian product. Set is an assembly of definite commodities, for example, a collection of students of class 11. Set Theory is an important concept of mathematics. It has a wide application in not only mathematical models but also in practical life. This chapter looks very easy but there are many small concepts in this topic in which students can get entangled and can lose their marks. The video explains each topic in English as well in Telugu so that the students get their concepts cleared.

Students can refer to Class 11 Function before their exam preparations and can score well in exams. The video is designed by the subject experts from CBSE’s latest book editions.

Functions in Telugu and English pdf download

Students can refer to for an explanation of all the topics of class 11 Functions. The video explains each topic in a very interesting fashion. Students can also complete their home works after watching these videos as the topics here are explained in a very detailed fashion. The instructor has also defined each topic like one-one functions, onto functions, and many more with a simple daily life example so that the students will also be able to apply these concepts in their day-to-day life.

The recordings will prove to be a fascinating and helpful examination asset for the 11th class. All the parts of the chapter are clarified bit by bit by subject specialists. To secure good marks students should revise all the practice questions given at our website after watching the video. This will help them in self-assessing their knowledge before exams so that in case of doubt, they can revisit the video. We also provide students the facility of sharing this page with their classmates.

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