Class 4 Mathematics lesson

Class 4 Chapter Numbers explanation

Digits and numbers are the foundation of mathematics subjects.0,1, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 are known as digits.Numbers are formed by combining these digits. Students should know how to play with numbers. Students can watch the video at to get in-depth knowledge of numbers. The video explains how to compare two given numbers in a very easy and simple approach.

The video explains how to find the longest and smallest numbers. Students find it difficult to write the longest and smallest 3 or 4 digits numbers. But after watching this video students will be able to write them very easily. It also explains how to write down the place value of each digit in a given number. Students will get to know how to fid face value and place value of all the digits. This video will clear all their confusion regarding how to calculate face and place value.

NCERT explanation for class 4th mathematics pdf

After going through the video students should solve the worksheet provides at This will help them in tackling different types of questions. By solving the question they will find themselves confident enough to solve them in the examination without any confusion. This video will assist the students in solving their homework. Students can also refer this to solving all the difficult questions given at the back of the chapter.

The instructor has explained all the difficult topics like the number system, international, and Indian numbering system with all types of examples. To get exhaustive and complete information on Numbers and Digits, students can refer to this page. Students can also download these videos and refer to them even offline. This will help them in having a complete preparation for the examination. You can also practice worksheets on Numbers at

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