Class 5 EVS NCERT lesson 1 super senses

NCERT Class 5 Lesson 1 Super senses

Sense organs are organs that help us to perceive things around us. Human beings have 5 sense organs, eyes, nose, ears, tongue, and skin. These organs help us in having a sense of sight, hear, taste, feel, and smell. Skin is the largest organ present in human beings. The part of the brain which receives all the message is the parietal lobe. Animals pose super sense which helps them in finding their food or to save them from predators.12q

Chapter 1 Super senses solution

Many animals like ants, mosquito, and dogs have a super sense of smell which helps them to find their food. Snakes and birds do not have ears but they have a super sense of hearing which helps them in hearing sounds around them. Students will find the complete and exhaustive explanation in simple language at

CBSE/NCERT chapter solution of Super senses for class 5

Students who are looking for answers to questions like how ants move in a straight line and find their food and how do snakes hear even when they don’t have ears then you can find all the answers at NCERT Chapter 1 Super senses will give students an insight into how an organ functions. These videos will help students in getting fundamental concepts of basic science for all students. They will find all kinds of study material at

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