Class 6 NCERT Chapter 6 Changes Around us

Everything around us is going through a cycle of progress. Change can be defined as any transition from one state to another. Our hair and nails continue developing. Leaves bite the dust and new leaves have their spot. Ice undergoing a process of melting and candle burning. While a few changes in our condition are impermanent and can change back to their unique positions, different changes are moderately perpetual. Force, pressure, and temperature play a very important role in changing the physical and chemical nature of any matter. We can broadly classify changes into 4 categories: Physical, chemical, irreversible, and reversible change.

In a physical change, no new substance is formed only the state of the matter changes, for example melting of ice while in chemical change new substances are formed for example burning of paper. Physical changes are reversible in nature while chemical changes are not. has a complete explanation of the Changes around us chapter for class 6 in English and also in Hindi.

Grade 6 science Changes in nature free pdf download

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