Class 6 NCERT Hindi Chapter 1 वह चिड़िया जो

Chapter 1 explanation and question answers

Wah chidiya jo is the first chapter of the class 6 NCERT Hindi textbook, written by Kedarnath Aggrawal is a very beautiful poem about a bird. The poem talks about a blue feathered small bird who loves eating grains. This blue-winged bird loves all the things that humans love like a river and singing songs. Students can understand the poem by referring to the video at After understanding the chapter, you can also solve the questions given at the back of the chapter. So for your help, we have provided answers to all the questions in the video. This will assist you in improving your marks.

The poem is explained in the utmost detail in the video. The poem is in Hindi so for the ease of the student the instructor has also explained the poem line by line in simple and easy Hindi.

6th class Hindi lesson वह चिड़िया जो free pdf download

In the event that you are a student of class 6th and you are looking for exhaustive study material for NCERT Chapter 1 वह चिड़िया जो, then you are at the right place. Students can find the summary, explanation, and question answers at at always try to give step by step explanation of all the chapters so that students don’t find difficulty in understanding the chapter.

All the videos are made keeping in mind all the guidelines issued by CBSE. This will help students in answering all the inside questions asked in the examinations. The video also explains all the questions and answers given at the end of the chapter. Students can refer to this video for completing their homework. You can also watch this for revising your chapter as this video is very concise. You can find an explanation of all the chapters at

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