Class 7 Mathematics Chapter 9 Rational number Exercise 9.1 Question no 1

Exercise 9.1 Question number 1 Rational Number

Any number which can be expressed in the form of fraction p by q where q is not equal to 0 is called a rational number. Rational number forms the basis of many complex numbers. A rational number can have negative, positive as well as zero. But in any case, the denominator can never have value as 0.

A number having repeating integers also known as terminating decimal is called a rational number. Avery common example of an irrational number is pie. There is n number of operations that can be performed on rational numbers. For example, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and so on. Pythagoras believed that all numbers are rational in nature but his student Hippasus proved that irrational numbers also exist.

Class 7th Rational number lessons free pdf download has aimed at providing free and efficient solutions and explanations of all the NCERT textbooks. Exercise 9.1 consists of simple operations on rational numbers. Question 1 demands students to find rational numbers between two given numbers that may be positive, negative, or fraction. The instructor explains each step of finding rational numbers between two given numbers in a very uncomplicated approach.

This video also consists of how to find a rational number when the given number is a fraction. Students can take the help of this video to complete the exercise questions. This will help students in clearing all their doubts regarding finding rational numbers and making their foundation strong. Class 7 Rational number lesson Question 1 is a subpart of solutions provided by for class 7. You can find complete and detailed solutions to all the exercises of Rational number at

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