Class 7 Mathematics Integers chapter explanation

Integers explanation in Telugu

From paying bills to playing games, mathematics has been an integral part of our life and integers are one of them. Integers include negative, positive, and zero. Integers are the first chapter of class 7. It can be used to perform arithmetic calculations like addition, subtraction, and many more. But one should remember that fractions, decimals, and ratios are not included in integers. The video explains all the properties that hold good on integers like associative, distributive, and commutative.

If you are in search of a complete explanation of the integers chapter then you can refer to the simplified explanation provided by Maths is not only for bookish knowledge but it has a wide real-life application and if you are worried about how to do it, then will help you out.

7th class Telugu lessons on Integers free pdf download aims to bring knowledge from your books to your practical life. Students will here find elaborate and adequate study materials for the Integers chapter. These resources will be very helpful in the student’s preparation for examinations. Many times it happens that students find it difficult in following with the class. You can refer to the video explained in Telugu when you are stuck with the chapter. Students can also understand the chapter Integers by going through the video.

The instructor has explained each and every topic in a very interesting approach. And for the ease of the student, every topic is explained in the Telugu medium. This will help in clarifying all your doubts. Students can also download the videos in any device with no additional charges. It will facilitate them to refer to the materials and when required. You can also refer the video for quick revision before the exam, this will help in revising all the topics and you won’t miss out on any concept.

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