Class 8 Maths Chapter 2 Linear Equations Ex 2.1

What are linear equations?

The linear equation is the algebraic equation, which forms a straight line when graphed. Every word is constant, or the product of a constant and a single variable. The linear equation consists of one or more dependent variables.

Basic Information Of Ex 2.1

Algebraic expressions and equations. Some examples of expressions we have so far worked with are:
5x, 2x – 3, 3x + y, 2xy + 5, xyz + x + y + z, x2 + 1, y + y2

Remember that equations use the equation = symbol It is not in the expressions.

Of the given expressions, most have more than one variable. For example, 2xy + 5 There are two variables. However we limit ourselves to expressions with a single variable. Form equations. Moreover, the expressions we use to form equations are simple. This means the highest power of the variable found in the expression is 1.

These are linear expressions:
2x, 2x + 1, 3y – 7, 12 – 5z,5 ( – 6) 8 x +
These are not linear expressions:
x2 + 6, y + y2, 4 + z + z8 + z5
Here we are dealing with equations with linear expressions only in one variable. Such as Equations are called linear equations in a variable. These are simple equations These are the kind of things you read in previous classes.

The algebraic equation is equality The expression on the left side of the equality symbol Left Hand Side (LHS). Expression Right on the right side of the equality symbol Hand side (RHS).

What is LHS and RHS ?

LHS: Means left hand side
RHS: Means right hand side

Question from chapter solve these problems

1. y + 3 = 8
2. 3 = z + 5
3. 3x = 9
4. 4x – 7 = 18

Conclusion :

These problems help you understand the linear equations. For more problems ask your teacher.

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