Class 8 Maths Squares Roots and Cube Roots Exercise 6.1

Class 8 chapter 6 squares roots and cube roots

Maths is an important subject for students. Our teaches the students the basic concepts of square roots, cube roots for class 8. This chapter is beneficial to the students to score high marks in exams. The subject experts will teach you the concepts in a well-defined manner and also keeping the IQ level of students in mind. The 8th class chapter 6 solutions were explained by using various short cut methods and practical examples to explain all the exercise questions in a simple and understandable language.

Here we have 8th class maths questions with solutions. You can practice and gain good marks in the exam. The solutions provided will help the students to learn various techniques to determine whether a natural number is a perfect square or not. We provide all the solutions within this chapter is a detailed and step by step way to help the students more effectively.

Class 8 Maths square roots and cube roots examples with explanation notes

The square root is a factor of a number is the value when squared by itself. Example: 2×2=4 The cube root of a number is a value when it is multiplied three times. Example: 3×3×3=27. We have solutions for square and square roots, cube, and cube roots.

8th class maths square roots and cube roots exercise 6.1 will help the students to understand the difference between squares and square roots and how to find them out. Each question in the exercise has been carefully solved for the students to understand and remind them during their examinations. Maths Class 8 chapter wise question with solutions of all chapters can be downloaded from our site. Class 8 maths chapter 6 solutions are available in pdf format. Students can view our page and download them.

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