Class 9 NCERT Mathematics chapter 1 Number system exercise with solution

Number System exercise 1.1 question 2 solution

The number system is the first chapter of the class 9 NCERT mathematics textbook. This chapter deals with Rational numbers, irrational numbers, whole numbers, etc. Students need to have a basic understanding of these topics. The very first chapter that the student encounter in this chapter is to find the rational numbers between two given numbers.

In question 2 students need to find out six rational numbers between 3 and 4. We can have an infinite rational number between 3 and 4 but students should know the correct approach of solving them. Knowing the correct approach will help them in saving time during examinations. For having complete information on Number System, students can refer to this page at

9th class Mathematics lesson exercise solution free pdf download

Students can refer to the solutions for exercise 1.1 to solve questions given at the end of the topic. You can here find all the solutions to the exercise question of the Number system chapter. The solution provided here is designed by the experts keeping in mind all the guidelines issued by the CBSE. These experts are familiar with all the difficulties faced by the students in solving the Number system questions in examinations.

For the ease of students, they have come up with a very easy solution in the video. This video will help students in improving their grades in the examination. After watching the video students will get a clear idea of all the approaches that can be used to find rational numbers. Students can refer to resources at whenever they are stuck with any question. The video here is made with an aim to make mathematics simple for students. You can refer to for a complete solution to all the exercise questions.

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