Class 9 Special English 2020

English is a universal language. English is used in literature, films, science and technology etc. When we want any kind of professional information we often search in english, english is used for international communication. We need to develop vocabulary and skills in using the system of language. It involves oral and written representation in different kinds of combinations. English is a tool and a way of learning knowledge it helps us to communicate with others.

It provides us the opportunity to acquire the information and specialized knowledge in the english language. Knowledge of english language is very important. It helps us communicate with others and in finding and maintaining a job. When we move to other countries there it helps us a lot to speak with them. A person should have the ability to demonstrate and understand the english.
So here we give you some paragraph blanks. Try to solve those very easy paragraph blanks.

By reading the following passage try to fill the blanks by choosing the correct option or word from the given brackets.

Good morning, I am happy to have the 1.________(choice/chance) to talk to you during our class meeting today. First, I want to ask you 2._______(two/too) questions. If you could get 3.______(better/good) scores on maths exam simply 4.______(on/by) learning to play a game, would you be interested? And if I told you that playing a particular game? Sure you would. The game I am talking 5._______(about/of) is chess.

As I 6.________(come/entered) my twilight years, in one 7._________(last/lost) desperate attempts, I sought to change only my family, those coolest to me,8.__________(and/but) alas! They would have 9._________(either/none) of it. And now here I 10.________(lay/lie) on my deathbed and realize that if only I’d changed myself first, then by example I may have bettered my country, and who 11.________(nos/knows) I may have changed the world.

Her teacher was 12._________(so/very) unhappy. The little girl was 13._______(very/so) nice! She always worked 14._________(hardly/hard) in school; she was always friendly and polite. Her face was dirty and her 15._________(hairs/hair) was untidy, but anyone could see that she 16._________(been/was) pretty 17.________(under/below) the dirt.

Your friends may be of 18.________(vary/different) ages. They are your 19._______(roll/role) models. When you see them, you learn 20.________(new/knew) and different things from them. All of them have a different meaning to you because they all have a special quality 21.________(in/of) them that 22.________(makes/made) them your friend. Everyone of them is 23._______(are/is) different but they are all your friends. They trust you and make you believe that there is no one else like you.

The most important 24.________(expect/aspect) in life is to be humble, ‘pride goes before a fall’. Education and culture and magnetically felt through your 25.______(personality/attitude). A laughing face, polite courteous talk, clean pure heart, sympathetic and understanding attitudes are 26._______(best/better) passports through life’s journey. Lazy, selfish, egocentric and rude behaviour speak low 27._______(of/about) the individual 28._______(and/but) respect for elders and love from mankind are rare 29.________(gifts/traits) given by god.

Atlast, using 30._______(atmost/utmost) effort he opened his eyes. He put his hand out to feel his granny’s 31._________(presence/present), as was his habit. But he only touched the 32.________(wood/wooden) leg of the bench! At once his lonely state came back 33._________(for/to) him. He shook in fear and closed his eyes. He heard a little rustling noise in the room.

A friend is a person 34.________(whom/who) will always be on your side when times are bad. A true friend is someone who will understand what you are saying even if it does not make 35.________(no/any) sense. He/she will be ready to make sacrifices in order to help you. Good friends play 36.________(active/dormant) part in your life. They will feel happy when you are happy. They feel they have achieved 37.________(to/with) your accomplishments. Friends mean so much to one another. They share affection 38._________(which/that) fills them with happiness. Friends 39._________(is/are) nothing but the backbone of our life. Only friends 40._______(can/could) give real happiness.


  1. Chance
  2. Two
  3. Good
  4. By
  5. Boost
  6. About
  7. Entered
  8. Last
  9. But
  10. None
  11. Lay
  12. Knows
  13. Very
  14. So
  15. Hard
  16. Hair
  17. Was
  18. Under
  19. Different
  20. Role
  21. New
  22. In
  23. Makes
  24. Are
  25. Expect
  26. Attitude
  27. Best
  28. Of
  29. And
  30. Gifts
  31. Utmost
  32. Presence
  33. Wooden
  34. To
  35. Who
  36. No
  37. Active
  38. With
  39. That
  40. Known


These are some of the paragraph blanks. These blanks are very important and are very useful for higher studies and also it is useful for some of the competitive exams.

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