Basics of English grammar: verb and its usage

Definition of verb

All the doing words are called verbs and it is the most important parts of speech. A sentence is incomplete and meaningless without it. Depending upon the tenses and the situation, the forms of verbs are also changed. There are many types of verbs: helping verbs, linking verbs, main verbs, transitive verb, and intransitive verbs. Main verbs which also known as an important verb have 4 forms present, present participle, past, past participle.

Meaning of main verb and tenses and its use

Students don’t need to memorize all the forms. There are simple methods and tricks that one can follow to change one form of the verb to another. The table also has come commonly used verbs which students and other people can refer to. It is very necessary for kids to understand verbs as this will increase their understanding.

Basic of verbs and its form free download

Verbs are very important for students as well as for people who want to make their English strong. For complete information on verbs and their usage, they can refer to It will give an idea to students how can forms of the verbs be converted from one form to another according to the need very easily. There should be absolutely no confusion about the purpose of the verb. The base form of the verb is used in the simple present tense.

One should remember that verb and tenses are two different things. The verb describes the motion or movement whereas tense describes the time. You can increase your knowledge and fluency by referring to the exhaustive content at You will find here comprehensive resources on English grammar. And in the meanwhile, you can also refer to your friends and family so that they can also improve their vocabulary and communication skills.

A word which denotes an action is known as a verb.

Any verb that is not an auxiliary verb is called a lexical verb or main verb.

Main verbs have following forms: present, present participle, past, past participle.

Below table have few examples of how these forms vary.

Present Present participle Past Past participle
begin beginning began begun
choose choosing chose chosen
do doing did done
eat eating are eaten
feel feeling felt felt
go going went gone

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