Describe the structure of a five-paragraph discursive essay? What is the difference between discursive and argumentative essay?

The five-paragraph structure of an discursive essay:

The five-paragraph structure is perhaps the most common, but not the only method for writing a discursive essay.

It consists of the following:

  1.  Introduction paragraph
  2. Three body paragraph providing appropriate evidence to the writing
  3. Conclusion

The structure of a discursive essay consists the following points:

  1.  A clear and concise thesis statement in the first paragraph of the essay.  A thesis statement is a short, direct sentence that summarizes the central idea, the important point or the main claim of the essay. A thesis statement is not merely a topic statement but gives various directions to the essay and control the thoughts within the essay. Eventually it reflects the thoughts, ideas, and opinion of the writer. It means that the judgment of the writer also plays a vital role in suggesting the readers what to expect in the body the essay.
  • Body paragraph that include evidential support.

Each paragraph of the essay should discuss only one main idea. This will not only give clarity and direction to the essay, but will also enhance the readability. Every paragraph in the essay should be logically connected.

  •  A conclusion that does not simply restate the thesis but readdresses it in the light of the evidence provided.

The concluding part of the essay is as important as the beginning. If the opening paragraph creates interest to the reader to reader further, the closing paragraph is what the reader remembers after completing the essay.

Difference between discursive essay and argumentative essay:

  1. Discursive essay is written to ‘’inform’’ the reader of all the relevant issues which are related to the topic
  2. Whereas the purpose of writing an argumentative essay is to ‘’persuade’’ the reader about the writer’s standpoint
  3. All the points in the discursive essay are treated equally and presented
  4. All the points are considered in the argumentative essay, but stand is taken only for either of the side.
  5. The writer remains diplomatic and detached from the subject in discursive essay
  6. The writer remains partial and has a personal opinion on the subject in argumentative essay
  7. Various points related to the subject are presented chronologically in discursive essay
  8. Various points related to the subject are presented in such a way which suits the writer’s writing in argumentative essay

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