English Grammar Direct speech and indirect speech

Verb and speech explanation

Grammar and communication play a very important role in our day to day life. Humans are social animals, if the person is not able to communicate properly then he will tend to be felt left out. An important component of grammar is Direct and indirect speech. Direct speech is also known as quoted speech and indirect speech is known as reported speech. Direct speech is used for quoting famous peoples like politicians, teachers, etc. The video explains all the concepts about transitive and intransitive verbs in a very elaborate fashion.

If you are looking for making your grammar and communication strong, then you are in the right place. The video explains all the rules of converting direct speech to indirect speech and vice versa with adequate examples. A sentence having 2 parts along with quotation marks in it is a direct speech. There are many ways in which we can identify is the given sentence is a direct speech or indirect speech all of which are explained in detail in the video at OnlineBadi.com.

Direct and indirect speech explanation pdf download

OnlineBadi.com is the best learning website not only for academic studies but also for students who are looking for self -grooming themselves. The video explains all the tricks and tips to interconvert speech into direct or indirect form. Students can also refer to these videos who find understanding grammar difficult at school.

They can also refer to these videos for completing their homework. You can find all the information regarding direct and indirect speech at Onlinebadi.com. We also provide the facility to access these videos offline. What you need to do is just download them and then you are good to go. For the ease of students, the instructor has explained all the concepts and rules in Hindi and in the English medium.

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