English important questions for Inter 2nd year with explanation in Telugu

Important questions of English in Telugu

Students generally take English as an easy subject and don’t focus on it according to the demand. They tend to assume that since they know how to speak the language they can secure good marks in examinations. But they fail to understand that just knowing the subject doesn’t suffice for the exams. They need to have an in-depth knowledge of the subject if they truly desire to score well. Practicing important questions is the best way to help students in their preparations which we have brought in the video. The video contains all the important questions as well as frequently asked questions from all the sections be it prose, drama, or play from the entire syllabus of class 12. English can be difficult to understand if the explanation is in the English language. The video explains all the questions in Telugu. Telugu is an important and the main language in Andra Pradesh. For the convenience of the Telugu speaking students, the video explains all the questions in Telugu itself.

Class 12th English important questions pdf

OnlineBadi.com has always been best when it comes to online learning platforms. Students can also find important questions for other subjects on our website. We provide the facility to download these videos so that the students can refer to these videos on their terms. The questions are taking as per the chapters given in the textbook. What students need to do is complete the syllabus and then refer to the video so that they get an idea of what is important from each subject to score well. If they get stitch they can again revise the particular chapter. The video explains each question in simple Telugu so that they get a proper idea of what does the question means.

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