English NCERT Book Of Class 9


The English NCERT Book Of Class 9 about chapter 1 accidental tourists is a very funny lesson. The English NCERT Book Of Class 9 writer narrates the incidents where he acts very funny/strange. On various air-trips, he spills drinks on co-passengers. Once while he was opening his bag to get the card, he threw all the articles on the floor.

Things flew here and there. And also, on another trip, the ink from his pen smeared his mouth, teeth, gums and chin his face turned blue. Once he bent forward to tie his shoelace when the front seat went into a recline position and his head got stuck there. These are some of the incidents that happened explained by the author. So now let us discuss some hard words related to this English NCERT Book Of Class 9.

Meanings of some Hard words

  1. Alley= A narrow passage-way between or behind buildings
  2. En-famille= With one’s family
  3. Grunt= A short low sound in the throat to show pain and anger
  4. Yank= Pull with a jerk
  5. Budge= Move slightly
  6. Consternation= Surprise, shock or anxiety
  7. Extravagantly= Very extremely
  8. Oblivion= A state in which one is not aware of what is happening around
  9. Concourse= The open central area in a large public building(here, in the airport)
  10. Disgorging= Pour something out in large quantities
  11. Exasperation= Irritation
  12. Catastrophe= A sudden event that cause many people to suffer
  13. Perch= A place or position
  14. Urbane= Polished and cultured
  15. Bons mots= Clever remarks
  16. Suave= Sophisticated, polite
  17. Seismic event= A powerful happening like an earthquake
  18. Ejected= Removed
  19. Dumbstruck= Shocked
  20. Fluttery= Resembling flapping of wings by birds
  21. Cascade= Like the step by step waterfall
  22. Disgorging= Discharging
  23. Gashed= Cut
  24. Lavish= In large quantity
  25. Clawing= Grasping
  26. Cheap prop= A portable object used on the set of a play or a movie
  27. Stupefied= Astonished, shocked
  28. Venerable= Respected
  29. Lavatory= A room or building containing a toilet
  30. Alley= A narrow passageway between or behind building


These are some hard words related to this topic which are very important and useful. At the time of exams these kind of hard words are asked in the exam many times. So it is very essential to learn all these hard word meanings. It’s most important.

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