Features of HTML for class 7 Computer science

NCERT solution for class 7 computer science

Our world is a world of computers. We are surrounded by computers be it a washing machine, refrigerator, or desktop. All the webpages which we see on the Internet use HTML. HTML is a language that helps us in making beautiful webpages and websites. Using HTML is very easy as its syntax is made up of simple English language.

Introduction to HTML – Hypertext mark up language

Web pages are an amazing part of the technology. OnlineBadi.com has a short video which explains all the component of HTML in simple and relatable terms which makes any students understand the topic. Students will find an all-inclusive and concise explanation of all the syntax and concepts used in HTML at OnlineBadi.com. The videos are prepared by experts who have complete knowledge of computers and their language.

CBSE/NCERT for Class 7th Chapter 9 Web page designing using HTML

A web browser is used for viewing all the web pages which are designed using HTML. HTML is a very easy language, our instructor will explain all the steps required for designing a basic web page. It explains all the components required in designing a web page. There are various tags used in HTML. It will help students in boosting their creativity. Its the imagination which makes a web page or a web page different from other web pages.

Students can also download these as these videos are easily accessible and they contain all the important theories and principles that are required by the students to understand NCERT Chapter 9 Web page designing using HTML. Computer science students who are looking for a complete and better solution, they can download the solution for absolute revision on HTML. These explanations will clear all the confusion of students and help them in obtaining good marks in their school exams.

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