History NCERT Class-9 The French Revolution summary

Chapter 1 The French Revolution summary in Hindi

The French Revolution is one of the most significant revolutions that ever happened in history. The 18th century saw a tumultuous change in America and Europe in which The French Revolution had a great role. This revolution had a great impact on shaping politics, religion, and society. Even though this revolution proved to be a failure, it planted a seed of democracy among the masses and brought an end to absolute monarchy. It also popularised the principle of freedom, equality, and fraternity. Students may consider this chapter as very complex but we have brought an easy explanation of this chapter in Hindi. These videos are designed by our superb team of experts from the latest edition of NCERT books. This video will also help them in clearing all their doubts.

We provide slowly and steady explanation of all the topics of the French Revolution in Hindi. French Revolution is also an important topic for competitive exams like IAS. This video will help students in preparing for their school as well as competitive exams like UPSC.

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