Ellipse topic class12 important questions part 3

Important questions on Ellipse

An ellipse was first studied by Menaechmus and later on, it was investigated by Euclid who wrote about it. An ellipse is a closed curved surface in the shape of an oval. In ellipse summation all the point’s distance from the foci is constant. Foci are the plural of focus. Ellipse has 2 focusses which have a constant distance from the center. A circle is a particular type of an ellipse which has both the central focuses at a similar point. It has only one focus.

Ellipse is an important topic from the examination point of view. The video consists of all important questions relating to Center, Arc , Major Axis, Minor Axis, Semi Major Axis, Semi Minor Axis , Vertices, Focus, Chord, and Tangent. This topic consists of numerous formulas and definitions which may sound complicated to students. But at OnlineBadi.com our superb experts have explained each topic which easy definitions and geometrical representation. All the questions as well as the solutions are explained in both English and Telugu languages.

12th class Ellipse lesson free pdf download

OnlineBadi.com is one of a kind e-learning website. If you are a grade 12 student and preparing for boards then you are at the correct place. We have brought a set of important questions from the ellipse chapter which students can solve before the main examination. Solving important questions can instill confidence among students. At the point when students are determined in improving their marks rehearsing important questions can help them in improving their fragile segments.

All the questions in the video are solved with very easy and simple steps so that students don’t find it difficult to solve them later. You can also download these videos and can refer them when required. These videos will also help students in revising the topic for their pre-boards and boards.OnlineBadi.com also provides all important questions for other topics like parabola, hyperbola, and circle.

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