Mathematics NCERT Class 5 Chapter 2 Shapes and angles

CBSE Chapter 2 Shapes and angles explanation

If you are the student of class 5, then you will be studying Chapter 2 Shapes and angles for the first time with so many concepts in it. Angles and vertices are a very important concept in Shapes irrespective of its sides. The point where 2 lines meet is called the vertex. We are surrounded by various types of shapes for example roads, pencils, buildings, etc. Buildings make a right angle with the ground. When in a particular shape angle of any sides are changed, the original shapes get changed into some new shape. This chapter consists of different types of geometric shapes and angles.

The video has explained these concepts clearly and in detail using very creative illustrations. These videos are set up by specialists in accordance with the CBSE guidelines for grade 5.These specialists are subject experts who have exhaustive and in-depth knowledge about the Mathematics subject.

5th class mathematics lessons Shapes and angles free pdf download

Students can access detailed information on Class 5 NCERT Chapter 2 Shapes and angles at The video explains all the different types of angles such as acute angle, obtuse angle, right angle, and many more which examples from day to day life. Students can here download the video and other study material relating to Shapes and angles.

This will help them in preparing well in examinations and eventually score well. The video explains the detailed definition of angles, working with them, and their uses in a very interesting approach. Students can also share these videos with their friends and classmates so that they can take help from this in exam preparation. You can refer to our page for an exhaustive explanation of all the chapters.

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