Maths Class 10th NCERT Chapter 1 Real Number

Real Number Ex 1.3 solution

The real number is the first chapter of the class 10 syllabus and Exercise 1.3 is the third exercise of the Real number chapter. This chapter seems easy but it has many small concepts like Euclid division, Euclid division lemma, HCF, rational number, an irrational number, and many more. Our subject expert has taken care of every step and every concept so that students don’t face any difficulty in understanding them. For the ease of students, the instructor has explained all the questions in English as well as in Hindi. This video will also help students while doing their homework. Students should understand this topic clearly as Real Number concepts are also applied in higher classes.

Maths Chapter 1 Real Number solutions pdf download

At students can download Free Chapter 1 Ex 1.3 NCERT Maths Solutions in PDF format. Class 10 Real Numbers Ex 1.3 Q 1 will give you inside and out the detail of the chapter. The solutions here are designed according to the latest CBSE syllabus. Students will likewise also discover idea bits of knowledge which will give you lucidity on why a specific strategy was utilized to take care of the issue.

Students can download Class 10 Real Numbers Ex 1.3 Q 1 NCERT Solutions and can watch them even offline while preparing for board exams. It will also help them in clearing all their doubts. Real Number Ex 1.3 solution contains a simple and step by step explanation of all the questions. You can also refer to these videos while preparing for the exams and revise the syllabus and score well in exams. After watching the video you can also solve the sample question paper provided on the website.

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