Maths Class 7th NCERT Chapter 11 (Q6, Ex 11.4 Perimeter and Area)

In class 7th you are going to learn about chapter-11 its Perimeter and area from the part of exercise 11.4. This exercise teaches as to lengths and areas of the shapes. Whereas if we find the perimeter of a rectangle or else square we have to add the lengths of all the sides. If x is in the case of a rectangle then y is the width of the rectangle. Then the area is the measurement of the surface of a shape.

In this exercise 11.4. We have server problems to solve the questions given below. But instead of that, I will solve two or three problems. The rest of the solutions are in the textbook you can refer to.

All this exercise Questions
The garden is 90 m long and 75 m broad. The path is 5 m wide and is to be built outside and around it. Find the area of the path. Also, find the area of the garden in hectares.


The length of the rectangular garden is having = 90 m and the breadth of the rectangular garden is having = 75 m
Outer length of a rectangular garden with path is = 90 +5 + 5 = 100 m

Outer breadth the rectangular a garden with path is = 75 + 5 + 5 = 85 m
Outer area of a rectangular garden with path is = length x breadth = 100 x 85 = 8,500 m2
Maths Class 7th NCERT Chapter 11 (Q6, Ex 11.4 Perimeter and Area)

5. A path 1 m wide is built along with the border and inside the square garden of side 30 m. Find it:

6. There are two crossroads, each of width 10 m, cut at right angles through the center of a rectangular park of length 700 m and breadth 300 m and parallel to its sides. Find the area of the roads. Also, find an area of the park excluding crossroads. Give the answer in hectares.

7. Through the rectangular field of length 90 m and breadth is 60 m, two roads are constructed which are parallel to the sides and cut each other at right angles through the center of the fields. If the width of each road is 3 m, then find it:

8. Pragya wrapped a cord around a circular pipe of radius 4 cm (adjoining figure) and the cut off length required of the cord. Then she wrapped around a square box for the side 4 cm. Did she have any cord left also shown?

9. The adjoining figure represented as a rectangular lawn with a circular flower bed in the middle. Find:


In this, You should have a greater understanding of the Perimeter and Area and its characteristics. Your knowledge of Perimeter and Area should encompass the basics of definitions of a Perimeter and Area, it is the ability to determine the circumference and Perimeter and Area.

You should be very much familiar with the various real-life examples that can connect with this lesson over the Perimeter and Area. Hopefully, as a math student, you have enhanced your ability to work with the Perimeter and Area.

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