Motion equations class 9 physics subject AP syllabus

3 equations of motion class 9 physics state syllabus

Physics is an important subject for class 9. In Class 9 physics textbook is filled with numerous interesting topics for students. Motion is the state of change in the position of an object. It is described in terms of distance, displacement, velocity, acceleration, time, and speed. Examples of motion are jogging, driving a car, walking, etc. The relation between the above quantities is known as the equations of motion.

Motion equation study material for class 9 science

In the case of uniform acceleration, it has three equations of motion and they are also known as laws of constant acceleration. These equations are used to derive the components such as displacement, velocity( initial and final), time, and acceleration. They are applied when acceleration is constant and motion is a straight line. Equations of motions are derived by using the algebraic method, graphical method, and calculus method.

The three equations are:

  • V=u+at
  • s = ut + ½at²
  • v² = u² + 2as

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