NCERT Class 10 Chapter 10 Light – Reflection and Refraction solution

Class 10 Image formation by concave mirror explanation

The image formed by the concave mirror is a significant topic of NCERT Class 10 Chapter 10 Light. A concave mirror has the property that all the light rays falling on it converges on its pole. A very significant property of this kind of mirrors is that they can form both real and virtual image depending on the placement of the object.

Class 10 Concave image formation

It is very necessary for students to know all the principles and theories of image formation. Students will find all the concepts essential to study Chapter 10 Light at They will find solutions to all kinds of questions related to Image formation by the concave mirror here.

CBSE/NCERT solution of image formation by concave mirror class 10 ensures that students get focused study material of all the topics. All the ray diagrams of objects placed at different points are explained in the video. The instructor also illustrates all the principles and mechanisms in a step -by -step procedure that is required to understand the concept. This topic is really important as every year students find questions from this topic in board exams.

All the concepts are explained in simple relatable terms so that students can get a clear understanding of the topic. The video is designed such that it includes all the formulas, principles, and ray diagrams, problems, and key points to remember for the image formation by a concave mirror. Students can also download the video as it is concise and exhaustive study material. Revision of all the concepts studied will help students in increasing their productivity. Ou can refer to the videos for revision before your exams so that you can answer all the questions in an efficient way.

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