NCERT Class 10 Social studies Nationalism in India

History lesson Nationalism in India

When we refer to nationalism, we refer to that feeling of oneness and unity that arose among people during British rule. People had realized that the only thing that can bring them out of slavery was unity among their people irrespective of caste, religion, ethnicity. The rise of nationalism in India didn’t happen overnight.

It was several years of slavery mixed with political and social injustice and poverty that gave rise to it. In this chapter, students will get acquainted with the story from the 1920s and learn about the nonCooperation and Civil Disobedience Movements. It was during that period that the idea of satyagraha became prevalent.

Many incidents like Jallianwala Bagh Massacre, the Khilafat movement, Simon Commission, Quit India Movement changed the course of the history of India. People now came to believe that even they can function and exist as an independent country and they don’t need Britisher’s intervention. People now no longer wanted to work under Britishers and demanded Purna Swaraj which means complete Independence from British rule.

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