NCERT Class-11 Chapter-1 Sets exercise 1.3 solutions

Question number 3,4,5 exercise solution

Sets is the first chapter of the NCERT class 11th mathematics textbook. Before jumping right into the exercises, students should know what qualifies as a set. Sets can be defined as the collection of objects. The objects in the given set are constant and cannot change. For example: a set of all the mountains in India.

Two sets can be said equivalent if they consist of the same number of elements. And the reverse of it, if two sets do not have any elements in common are called disjoint sets. Although this chapter is very easy in terms of scoring marks in exams, students should have clear concepts of union and intersection of sets as they find its application in geometry, probability, etc.

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NCERT Maths Class 11 Exercise Solutions for Chapter 1- Sets Exercise 1.3 has been provided at to get a proper understanding of the chapter. This will also help students to prepare well for their examination. Students can access this page whenever they miss the classroom they have any doubt. They can also download these solutions. Downloaded solutions will come very handy for completing the exercise questions. After completing the chapter, students should always solve the questions given in the exercise, as it will help them in getting their concepts crystal clear.

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