NCERT Class 12 Chapter 13 Probability

Exercise 13.1 Probability conditional probability

Probability translates to the prediction of the occurrence of an event. There are many formulas in which the happening of an event can be predicted. It can also be used as a function of the outcomes of a particular experiment. The main concept discussed is a conditional probability.

Conditional probability exercise 13.1 solution and explanation

Students should refer to for a complete explanation and solution of exercise 13.1 of Chapter 13 Probability. Conditional probability is the probability of occurrence of an event given that an event related to it has already occurred. The video explains the conditional probability and the properties related to it. It is very important to understand conditional probability because exercise 13.1 is based on this concept.

12th class Chapter 13 Probability exercise solution free download

Complete and detailed information on all the concepts of Chapter 13 Probability is available at Students can browse the website for all the study material related to Chapter 13 Probability. After understanding the concept of conditional probability, students should solve exercise 13.1 of the Probability chapter as it will assess your understanding and knowledge of the concept. Students can refer to the solution of exercise 13.1 as all the questions and the required solution is explained by the subject expert in an elaborate fashion.

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