NCERT Class 12 Mathematics Chapter-1 Relation and Function

Introduction to Reflexive, Symmetric, Transitive relations

Chapter 1 Relations and functions are the first chapter of the CBSE Class 12 Mathematics textbook and hold significant importance in the real-life application. In class 11 you have already learned about domain, codomain, and range. In class 12 students will study about types of relations and functions and a few of the binary operations on them. Relations can be used in stating a relationship between two objects or physical quantities.

Chapter 1 Relations and functions solutions

Students will find a detailed explanation of all the concepts like universal relations, and invertible functions of chapter 1 Relations and functions at A relation R is said to be equivalent if it is reflexive, symmetric, and transitive. This is a vast chapter but if taught using simple and connected terms it becomes very easy for any student to understand it.

NCERT chapter solution for chapter 1 of class 12

The video explanation will give you complete information on all the types of questions that students can get in their board exams. It is very necessary for students to know the pattern and the keynotes of the chapter, as it will facilitate students to have a focus based preparation. In the end, the instructor also gives a brief summary of the chapter. The video is designed by the teacher who by their expertise will take students step by step through all the concepts.

Students will also find important notes on all the mathematics topics of NCERT class 12 at video also provides real-life examples of all the types of functions. Often students get confused in one-one and onto functions but after watching this explanation their confusion will be cleared. Students won’t have to memorize the definition as they will be understanding the significance of all the topics of Chapter 1 Relations and Functions. Following this approach will definitely help students in scoring good marks in their board exams.

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