NCERT Class 12th English The last lesson

Flamingo The last lesson Explanation in Hindi

The last lesson is written by Alphonse Daudet. The team of this chapter is love and affection for one’s own country and language. The story is being narrated by a French boy, Franz. Franz is very lazy by nature and shows no interest in his school studies. But he is very scared of his French teacher M. Hamel.

Chapter 1 The last lesson summary in Hindi

France had lost a battle with Prussia and as result, it has to give up its two districts of Alsace and Lorraine. A notice was released by the Prussian government that only German instead of French will be taught in all schools of these districts. Mr. M. Hamel was disappointed that he could not teach his students all of this knowledge when he had the opportunity to do so.

Class 12th Hindi explanation of Chapter 1 The last lesson

This chapter touches our hearts and impels us to ponder over the things we have done to our country and what will happen is all these rights are taken from us. The chapter is explained in an exhaustive and comprehensive format by our subject expert at The instructor reads every line of the chapter and then explains the same in Hindi so that students get the meaning and the message that the author is training to convey from those lines.

The chapter’s illustration is designed according to the ease of the students. After reading the chapter going through the summary available at will develop a clear understanding of all the emotions that are in the chapter The Last Lesson. The Chapter tells us the importance of one’s language and why is necessary for us to preserve it. Students can refer to this explanation as a revision study material before the board exams. This will help you in exhaustive, accurate, and in-depth preparation of the chapter.

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