NCERT CLASS 6 Maths Chapter 14 Practical Geometry Exercise

Chapter 14 Practical geometry explanation

NCERT Chapter 14 Practical geometry deals with basic concepts of geometry. Geometry informs us regarding the lines, points, shapes, and practical geometry is about the development of these shapes. Learning geometry will help the student in playing with different shapes. Getting basic concepts of geometry will help you in understanding complex figures in your higher classes.

Exercise-14.1 Q 1 to Q 3 solution and explanation

Practical geometry aims at teaching students circles, line segment,s, and angles. In this exercise, students will be performing simple constructions like drawing circles and making concentric rings around it. The tools you will be using are very simple and are used in our day-to-day life. They are rulers, a pencil, and a compass.

CBSE Mathematics Chapter 14 Practical geometry exercise solutions pdf is aimed at providing solutions to difficult questions so that young learners don’t face any difficulty in their learning process. Students can find solutions to all the exercise questions of Chapter 14 Practical Geometry here. The instructor has explained every question in detail and has also explained how to solve them. Every single step of construction is performed by the instructor using a ruler, pencil, and compass. Here on, students can admittance to chapter 14 exercise 14.1 solutions in free pdf. You can download them as it will help you in alluding to them as and when required.

Students can also allude NCERT solutions to other exercise questions of Chapter 14 Practical geometry at videos will walk you through every bit of construction steps. You will be learning how to draw these shapes in a short time. If you are confused with how to draw circles and angles and how to bisect them, you can refer to this short video explanation of the construction at These figures can be drawn with a little concentration and correct approach which students can get at

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