NCERT Class 6 Understanding Elementary Shapes exercise with solution

Class 5 Understanding Elementary Shapes explanation

Chapter 5 Understanding Elementary Shape is an introductory chapter of geometry. In this chapter, students will be learning how to draw basic structures like line, line segment, etc. All the shapes around us are made up of line segments. This chapter describes the different types of angles and triangles. It will introduce to them the fantastic world of 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional objects.

Chapter 5 Exercise 5.1 Question 1 solution

In question 1 of exercise 5.1, students need to compare line segments by observation. The question demands them to list down the advantages and disadvantages of comparing two line segments by observation. It is very necessary for students to understand this chapter as this chapter will create the foundation for higher class learning. This exercise consists of real-life problems and applications. Students can refer to for complete and detailed solutions to Exercise 5.1 question 1.

CBSE/NCERT Exercise solution for class 6th Mathematics 5th chapter pdf

For a better and accurate understanding of chapter 5 Understanding elementary shapes, students should refer to The solution to all the exercise questions of Exercise 5.1 is available here. All the study material here is accurate and is designed by the experts who have detail knowledge of the CBSE guidelines.

Students will get a 100% reliable study material on this website. As this exercise deals with day-to-day life applications it becomes very important for students to solve it and get in-depth knowledge of all the concepts. The instructor explains in detail why comparing line segments by observation without using any instrument is harmful. After going through the video students will find it easy to produce the answer to this question without actually memorizing it. This will increase the knowledge retaining capacity of the brain as students have a complete understanding of the concept. They can find all important study material at

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