NCERT Class 7 Mathematics Chapter 4 Simple Equations exercise solution and explanation

Simple equation exercise explanation

A mathematical equation involving only one variable or an unknown is called a simple equation. An equation will always have a right-hand side known as R.H.S and a left-hand side known as L.H.S. to it and both sides will be equal to one another. This chapter forms the basis of the Simple equation topic and thereby it is very important for the students to have a clear understanding of all the concepts.

Exercise 4.1 Question 1 solution

In the first question of exercise 4.1, students are required to substitute the given value of the variable in the equation and to check whether both sides are equal or not. In this exercise, students will be learning basic operations on equations. All the detailed explanation of the exercise question of chapter 4 Simple equations is provided at

Class 7 Mathematics Chapter 4 exercise explanation and solution free download

Students will find a detailed and definite explanation of all the difficult concepts like what is an equation, how to solve it at This is the first time that the students will be learning this topic in class 7. So it is very essential for that to get the exact understanding. After understanding the topic, students can refer to the exercise solution of Question 1 at All the questions are explained in a step-by-step procedure.

This will help in eradicating all doubts related to the solution of the question. The instructor has also explained the important terms that will be used in the solution to the question so that students can brush up on the concepts that they have learned so far. You can also use it as preparation material for your school examinations. Students can also download these solutions at no additional cost and practice the question so that they get perfect on the concept and hence a complete command over it.

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